Michelle Edwards

Career & Lifestyle Planner

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to stories of transformation, of people who set their sites on something they want and do all they can to reach it. These are the stories that inspire us, that get us thinking about the dreams we had for ourselves; the dreams we still hope we can achieve.
I fundamentally believe that we can each be our own inspiration and that there is always a path to achieve our goals. It’s just difficult sometimes to see that path clearly. My role as a career and lifestyle planner is to help you get past the things that block you from reaching those goals. Using coaching techniques I help you define what your goals are, create the path to get there, and hold you accountable until you reach success.

My Story

I started using coaching techniques over 20 years ago while working at a career resource centre at a local college in the city of Montreal. This sparked my interest in building a career in human resources. Since then I have worked in almost every facet of my field, across multiple industries, with both global and local companies. What I love about human resources, is that on a grand scale, when done well, it’s a function that helps an organization leverage the full potential of its people’s skills and diversity. It has the ability to help shape and transform an organization and its people…and I am all about productive transformation.
Regardless of what role I was in, there has a been a theme throughout my career and interactions with people. I have always had a talent  for recognizing people’s individual skills and the value it could bring to the people, projects and organizations they supported. I always found myself in situations where I was either giving advice or coaching people on how to fully leverage their unique skills to advance their career and on helping them build different aspects of their life. Coaching became a talent that I was known for having and openly sharing with others.
I received my Career & Lifestyle Practitioner Certification from Certified Coaches Federation and now I am on a mission to transform the lives of a million people around the world.