Meet Michelle

Inspiria is inspiration in action; a movement, one step at a time towards overall wellbeing, personal fulfilment and success.

My Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to stories of transformation and to people who set their sites on something they want and do all they can to achieve it. These are the stories that inspire us, that get us thinking about the dreams we had for ourselves; the dreams we still hope we can achieve.

I believe that we can each be our own inspiration and that there is always a path to achieve our goals. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see that path clearly and sometimes we find ourselves stuck without much understanding as to why. My role as a coach and wellness advocate, is to help you get past the things that continue to block you from living a healthy, fulfilling and inspiring life.

For over 15 years coaching has been an active part of my life and career. It is a skill that I have been able to refine as I built a career in human resources. Regardless of what role I was in, there has a been a consistent theme throughout my career and interactions with people. I always found myself in situations where I was either giving advice or coaching people not just on business or career issues but also on personal fulfilment and overall wellbeing. Coaching has always been a process that brings me joy, but more importantly it has allowed me to help so many people.

While I have been a strong proponent for maintaining balance and commitment to personal fulfilment in our lives, I was better at giving advice than fully practicing it myself. After years of caring and supporting others, it became clear that I had neglected myself in the process. It all came to surface in the form of medical issues, feeling numb to the high and lows of life, and an overall sense of feeling unfulfilled. Even in those difficult times, I did what came naturally to me…making and working a plan to get to a better place. This is when I discovered alternative therapies such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Essential Oils to support my healing process and to get me back on the road to wellness. Now I share the benefits of these therapies with others.

We often look to what others have accomplished and find inspiration in their journeys. That’s ok and sometimes it’s helpful, but we are all inspiring in our own way. We have all dealt with adversity, stood up to challenges, achieved great things, but it’s all a matter of perspective. My achievements today are inspiring to someone who is on the same journey but I am just a step ahead of them. Your journey is inspiring to me because you have overcome the things I am trying to overcome today. We are all inspiring, and inspiria is about recognizing and appreciating how far you’ve come and helping you get over the struggles you have today so you can continue on that inspiring path.

My Promise to You

I am on a mission to help you come alive to the great potential and infinite possibilities of your life. I work with people who are looking for restoration and balance after a tumultuous personal or professional experience, if they have lived a life of extremes that hasn’t served them well or when they are looking to get unstuck from life’s challenges.

By combining coaching and a variety of therapeutic modalities, I focus on deepening your self awareness and strengthening your self mastery with the goal of creating a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

My approach is grounded and practical, and I will work with you to guide you to a life that inspires and fulfils you.

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