Inspiria’s coaching philosophy is based on focusing on three key facets of your being.


Spiritual: Align your life

Throughout the ages, people around the world have recognized that the influence of the intangible on our lives far outweighs the impact of what is tangible. We take for granted that what we think and how we feel, consciously and subconsciously, drives so much of what we do and what brings meaning to our lives.

As complex entities, we are comprised of unseen layers that mesh together to form who we are. When these layers are out of sync, we start to sense that we’ve lost our true direction and we start to feel stagnant. Even though sometimes we can’t put our finger on it, in some ways we know that we are no longer being progressive or fulfilled in our life.

Inspiria’s coaching approach will allow you to hone-in on the parts of your spirit that need to be acknowledged, understood and invigorated to help you get clarity on who you are and what is important to you. With this understanding, we can help you to achieve greater alignment between who you are spiritually, how you live your live your life and what you do with your life. This will set you on the path to true fulfillment and spiritual empowerment.


Physical: Manage your wellbeing

Neglecting your physical health can have negative results on your physical-being as well as many other aspects of your life. Poor eating habits and not enough exercise, can have serious impacts on your state-of-mind, which affects your motivation to carry out daily tasks, setting goals in life, and even achieving them.

The day-to-day aspects of home and professional life become intertwined into a mass of stress and strain. Our bodies pay the toll of work, family responsibilities and financial obligations. Feeling tired, there’s no energy to see that we’ve lost sight of a life of joy and balance. We make excuses for not going to the gym, much less going for a walk. Maintaining an unhealthy “eat-on-the-go” diet becomes a reality to match our “life-on-the-go” lifestyle.

The key to managing your well-being is understanding what your body needs to be at its best. At Inspiria, we will help you discover what works best for your eating habits, physical activity and how to create a happy balance between the two. You’ll have the energy and attitude necessary to be successful in work, home, and play.


Professional: Answer your calling

When you wake up in the morning and do whatever you do to make a living, is there a feeling of certainty that all your time and effort is being used for it’s true purpose in life?

We live in a society that often pushes us to conform to occupations out of the necessity to have an income, instead of generating an income from the things that bring us happiness. The need to be fulfilled by what we do to make money to survive, has steadily been replaced by the things we must do to pay the proverbial rent and put food on the table.

The real question is: How do you make a living from the things that bring you joy? Many believe that this is sentiment relegated to generations past, and no longer has any relevance in the present; except for a chosen few who have been “lucky” in finding ways to create an income out of something they love to do.

Our philosophy is that when it comes to answering our professional calling, there is no such thing as luck. It’s easy to find reasons to compromise our desires and give up on the dream job that we’ve always envisioned ourselves doing. We don’t hold ourselves accountable to being proactive in pursuing career aspirations that have genuine intrinsic value. Inspiria’s coaching methodology will help you not only acknowledge you’re real calling in life, but how to carve a path and follow it to your destination.