Interview Coaching

Consultation Session

Complimentary Consultation Session – 30 min (free) – This session is offered to all potential clients to give us an opportunity to meet and determine if this coaching partnership would be a good fit.


Interview Coaching

Interview coaching is designed to help job seekers practice and develop their interviewing skills and get the feedback they need to improve.   Proactively building your interview skills will help you in feeling more prepared and confident through your job search.
Some of the benefits you can expect to receive from interview coaching include:

  • Become effective in various interview formats
  • Honest critique of your personal style, demeanor, perceptions and verbal/non verbal communication
  • Gain clarity on your personal brand and unique strengths
  • Guidance on personal image and dressing for success
  • How to effectively respond to difficult questions


Package – Focused Interview Prep

This session is for job seekers who have already landed an interview and quick focused support to prepare for the interview.
Package includes:

  • 5 hours of coaching
  • 2 mock interviews (1st for assessment, 2nd for application of learning)
  • Mock interview debrief
  • Coaching on talking points and interview style
  • 1 Post-interview follow up

Pricing: $275